AFF Passive Income op

The run down

This is our new passive income op for our Aff's. You can create art / text to be used on our products (some restrictions do apply, check the rules part below). Anyone, no matter who sent them to the store, buys one of your items,you get 5% of the sale of that item. For as long as you are in our AFF program. 

The rules of this part of the program 

  1. No copyrighted material can be used 
  2. No racist or other hate / demeaning material can be used 
  3. Must be an AFF of Skyrich's Deals
  4. you agree to forfit all rights / claims to the designs submitted.

How it works

You are allowed to have 2 designs active (top aff's can have 3) in the store at any given time. Each design can be on 3 different items. When submitting your design, you pick the 3 catagory / sub catagory you want that design to be in. We will set up the rest. The design must fit the requierments for the catagory you pick (these will be listed below). When the item is added to the store, you will be shown as the one who designed it.

EX: Cat tank top by (your first name) as the item name, instead of just cat tank top. as well as hidden tags to show order dept who gets paid for it when it sells. 

 To submit your design(s) e-mail them from the same e-mail address that you used to sign up for your aff account to Include your name and the catagory you want to submit to. If approved, we will set everything up from there. 

If you have your designs already up and wish to submit a different one. We will make one of your 2 active ones inactive. Thus removing all tags / credit from it. It might still stay in the store. But you will no longer be able to get paid from it. 

Needed Design Stats

All designs need to have a DPI (dots per inch) of at least 600. 

 Note can not combine print and Embroidery on the same item. So can not have a saying Embroidery on the front left chest and a print on the back of a shirt

 Item Placement Print file size
T-Shirt Front & back print 12'' x 16''
Sleeve print 4'' x 3.5''
Bomber Jacket Sleeve print 3" x 12"
Front & back print 12" x 12"
Shorts Legs 46'' x 27''
Samsung / iPhone Case 2.93'' x 6.1''
Beach towels All-over print 62'' x 32''
Throw pillows All-over print 19"x19" - 21"x13"